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Collecting ancient gems is good. But it’s even better to find a way to update them. To achieve this, you can use them to create a well-defined look. This allows you at the same time to enrich your style of dress. So how do you showcase your old jewelry?

Combine your old jewelry with a modern look

If you want to combine a modern look with antique jewelry , prefer those in gold. These are not the only ones that can be used. But gold being a timeless precious metal, you will find it easy to achieve your goal. Gold jewelry is not just luxury jewelry . They are also treasures that do not tarnish and which reflect an image of nobility. If the jewelry you have is discreet, you can wear it without moderation. For example, a fine old bracelet can be used in all circumstances: street wear, parties, etc.

For slightly more extravagant gold jewellery, it would be ideal to wear them at high-class events. It may be, for example, an  old style cuff  bracelet or even old  Creole style earrings . If you don’t mind being the center of attention, you can use them on your casual looks. Golden clothes sewn in fluid and shiny fabrics (silk and satin) bring a certain grace to gold jewelry . But if you are a fan of discretion, cotton and other soft materials (velvet for example) will be perfect in sober colors.

Highlight your old jewelry with a vintage look

The vintage look is easiest to achieve with old jewelry. Indeed, the term vintage alludes to clothing and fashion accessories from the old days. You have the choice between the total vintage look and the partially vintage look. Regarding the first option, the real challenge remains the constitution of a look in accordance with current fashion. To meet it, vintage stores offer you many wonders that would go perfectly with your unique jewelry .  As for the option of the partial vintage look, the combinations will be easier to achieve.

For example, you can copy the style of Marylin Monroe. For this, an old high-waisted jeans will allow you to build a whole range of casual sets. In order to decorate them, nothing better than an old jewel of your choice. The chunky cable knit cardigan will be great for your winter looks. Both elegant and anti-fresh, it is suitable for a relaxed style. Don’t forget to take a look at tweed and gingham skirts. These two treasures are reminiscent of a “schoolgirl” style. You can sublimate them with old luxury jewelry such as necklaces and pearl necklaces.

Showcase your vintage jewelry at a wedding

Generally, when it comes to creating wedding looks with antique jewelry , we tend to think of the bride and the pearls. But vintage jewelry can also be used to show off bridesmaids. In general, only one typical dress is chosen for all the ladies. If you are one, vintage jewelry can help you stand out from the crowd. The jewel chosen will depend on the shape of the dress. An  antique necklace is best suited to a dress with an open neckline. An  old bracelet and old earrings are preferable when the neckline is closed. An old ringis  also a good way to make a bridesmaid look unique.

Pair your vintage gems with an offbeat look

For example, a total leather look matched with an assembly of baroque necklaces will necessarily catch the eye on you. A pair of waders will make everything explosive. You can also combine a checkered (or gingham) shirt dress with large old earrings , long pearl necklaces and an old baroque ring. To complete the set, do not hesitate to combine leggings or semi-opaque tights with a pair of boots.

Highlight your old jewelry for a birth

To welcome a newborn, jewelry is one of the most popular gifts: fine necklaces and discreet bracelets. Instead of getting lost in a modern jewelry store, you can spruce up your vintage gems. For example, a long antique necklace in the form of a chain can be fragmented into small bracelets. If you’re hosting triplets or twins, you’ll easily get just the right number of bracelets for the children to enjoy identical gifts.

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