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Whether it’s food, toys or furnishings, as parents we want the best for our little ones. But sometimes, it must be admitted, this search for quality requires a certain budget .  Know that it is perfectly possible to combine quality and financial savings. Do you doubt it? Follow the guide and find out everything you need to know about evolving clothes for babies and children!

What is an evolutionary garment?

As you know, becoming a parent means welcoming change in all areas of your life. Beyond the affective and emotional nature of family life, you have to be able to meet the material needs of your little ones . And it starts with their wardrobe! From pants, to dresses, to jeans, jumpsuits or jackets, each piece must be the right size.

The only downside: children grow up at high speed and you constantly have to buy them new comfortable and suitable outfits. Today, children’s clothing represents the main item of expenditure for French families . We devote no less than 42% of our overall budget to this.

Yet there is a simple way to spend less and save time and energy. Growing rapidly, adaptive clothing is becoming more and more popular with parents. But what is an evolutionary garment? This is a piece specially designed to follow the growth of the child. It grows with him and alone covers several sizes of the traditional children’s fashion market.

Generally, textile materials are selected for their durability and elasticity. In addition, manufacturers rely on sleeves, belts and “legs” that unfold, as well as wide necklines.

Result: instead of buying a T-shirt or a tunic in size 3, 4 or 5 years, you can buy a piece in 3/6 years. You keep it much longer and save time and money , while preserving the environment. Once this method of purchase has been adopted, there is a good chance that you will not be able to go back!

At A Fox in the Moon we know that savings and comfort should not be sacrificed to the practicality of the garment. Our cuts are designed to make your daily life easier: wide necklines, crotch opening and easy maintenance are part of our specifications to help you in an already busy parent’s life 😉

Evolutionary clothing vs classic clothing: what are the differences?

You will have understood: unlike classic clothes, evolving pieces grow at

the same time as the child. Are you wondering what actually differentiates these two parts of

children’s fashion? What could be better than a concrete example to understand the specificities of

evolutionary fashion?

Comfortable and practical, the evolutionary sweatshirt Un Renard dans la lune has been entirely made to

follow the growth of toddlers. In the traditional under-6 market, you have to

choose between all the following sizes: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months,

36 months, 4 years, 5 years and 6 years.

In addition, the belt and the sleeves unfold as he grows . So you just have to

adjust them to the morphology of your baby or your child. Let’s adopt ethical fashion and buy


Why choose an evolutionary garment for your baby or your child?

More and more parents are choosing to invest in evolutionary clothing for their child or

baby. The majority of them are motivated by the practicality and the economic nature of this mode

of purchase. With such pieces, you no longer need to spend your time renewing your

little one’s dressing room. On the contrary: you can dress it without the fuss and above all, without breaking the bank.

Scalable clothes fit perfectly into this new vision of fashion . Thanks to

them, you buy less often and significantly reduce your ecological footprint. Note that

designers specializing in sustainable fashion for babies and children favor

timeless and essential basics. From T-shirts, to shorts, through sweaters and

dresses, each piece is made from healthy fabrics, which respect the skin of toddlers.

Scalable harem pants and washable nappies: the winning combo

Healthy, ecological and economical, washable diapers are attracting a growing number of

mums and dads. Before taking advantage of their many advantages, they must first

select their preferred system, materials and brand.

It should be noted that washable diapers are generally thicker than their

disposable counterparts. Thus, it is not uncommon for parents who use it to have difficulty in dressing their

baby. Classic sizes are generally a little too “right” and not very comfortable.

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