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For a long time, the legendary quarrel between Ancients and Moderns animated artistic and literary circles. This opposition has marked other areas and in particular jewellery. Until recently, luxury and elegance seemed irremediably linked to sobriety, even to a certain rigidity. A bygone era! Now fashion encourages the mixing of genres and jewelry.

With a classic temperament or a love of design, we rarely remain insensitive to beauty and refinement. It is not uncommon to appreciate a beautiful old ring set with emeralds and at the same time, to fall for an ultra-contemporary jewelry creation. The good news is that the trend is shaking up the codes that have long forced us to decide between tradition and modernism even in the choice of our jewelry.

It’s time to wear this ring set with sapphire inherited from your grandmother, to which you hold so much but which you hesitate to wear with your daily outfits.

Fashion is the layering of necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings. You can finally mismatch your jewelry while remaining chic.

Break the codes and give way to the imagination

We have already discussed the phenomenon of jewelry accumulation (or stacking) in a previous article. Based on the idea of ​​wearing several jewels of the same type at the same time, the trend aims to assert one’s personality through a very personal and harmonious look. The success of “fashion influencers” on social networks testifies to the general interest in this Mix and Match fashion. It is in their way of matching old and modern jewelry and even daring to skilfully marry pieces of jewelry with costume jewelry that we recognize the most followed muses.

Of course, it’s about avoiding missteps that would tarnish your image. Thus, we favor the finesse of the adornments worn. For example, we combine fine chains, pendants and light necklaces rather than chokers and bib necklaces. For a successful and most elegant association, we think of mixing gold chains and a pendant of fine pearls.

It is important to harmonize styles and but nothing prevents you from inserting a watch in the middle of an accumulation of bracelets.

On the ring side, you can combine different widths and dress a thumb or index finger in the same metal, but it is recommended to leave one finger on each hand free of any finery. Marrying a few very fine rings with rings set with precious stones can produce a beautiful effect.

For the earrings, we can mix fine hoops with gold chips or a pearl but we will avoid any overload.

Combine freedom and elegance

In this spirit of freedom, one can for example wear a very old family ring with a series of contemporary golden rings of different shapes.

To help you, here are some examples of combining old jewelry and modern jewelry :

– White gold Art Deco ring adorned with diamonds + platinum solitaire with old-cut diamond + white gold diamond band ring from a contemporary collection. Here, materials and colors are harmonized but different styles and shapes are combined.

– Bangle bracelet in late 19th century pink gold with  engraving + smooth yellow gold bangle bracelet adorned with a small diamond.

Here, we ensure the harmony of forms. The originality comes from the mixture of golds and the opposition of engraved and smooth surfaces.

In the same vein, mixing white gold and yellow gold becomes possible but will have to unite pieces of comparable style.

To achieve attractive accumulations while taking advantage of nature and the often exceptional quality of antique jewellery, go to your jeweler who will be able to advise you.

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