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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you are still running out of ideas to spoil your soul mate? Do not panic because you are in front of the ultimate guide to find the gift that will melt his heart on February 14. Whether it’s for a great romantic, a geek, an aesthete or an epicurean, discover in this file the best men’s Valentine’s Day gift ideas for 2023. Onward!

Valentine’s Day Gift for Trendy Man

Do you share your life with  a fan of new technologies , video games or a fan of geek culture? Here, pell-mell, is enough to make pixel hearts light up in his eyes:  Star Wars cufflinks, a Packman piggy bank, a Love box, an autonomous vegetable garden or even a connected flower pot to take care of his plants with the greatest attention.

Need other gift ideas to match your personality? Have you thought about the monthly selections offered by  Wootbox  or  My Geek Box  ? Singly or as a subscription, these marvelous boxes will plunge him back into the geek culture of his childhood. Just get ready to soon share your  home sweet home with Pikachu, Super Mario, the Marvel team and Master Yoda… You have been warned!

The key to a romantic Valentine’s Day 2023 evening is the  home projector  to recreate the atmosphere of dark rooms at home! Popcorn, an ice cream, a soda, a plaid, and here you are ready for a tender evening for two, just like in the good old days.

Valentine’s Day gift for future or new dad

T-shirts or sweets with a message  from Super Dad,  a pair of trainers  to match baby or even  a baby back carrier  to take your offspring on a ride, there is no shortage of gift ideas to find the  ideal Valentine’s Day gift for a young dad.

Also, impossible to fall into a carafe with a young or future dad who loves wines and spirits! Ask your wine merchant for advice and offer him  a nice bottle of laying down  from the year of your baby’s birth. He can keep it preciously for several years or even several decades and open it on an important occasion, such as the 18th birthday or the wedding of your child!

Valentine’s Day gift for aesthete men

A men’s jewel for Valentine’s Day  ? Here is a romantic gift idea, which, if it is not the most atypical, remains by far one of the most touching. Ring or bracelet to personalize; in leather, gold or steel, the world of men’s jewelery has never been as creative  as in recent years!

For those who are looking for a  luxury Valentine’s Day gift , why not head for  a moment of relaxation  for two? Around a meal with a Michelin-starred chef, in the relaxing baths of a luxury spa or even from the deckchairs of a preserved island in the Mediterranean … If for you, luxury is above all time spent together , you hold in your hands the best Valentine’s Day gift for him.

Valentine’s Day gift for epicurean

Does your loved one swear by the pleasures of the table? Make this Valentine’s Day a gourmet event that lasts over time  by subscribing to a  box of cheese  or box of beer!

If you opt for the cheese version,   the lucky beneficiary will receive  a box of 4 cheeses from a Meilleur Ouvrier de France at home , each month, for a period of time that you have chosen. And to celebrate this Valentine’s Day 2023, we are offering our new subscribers a starter kit consisting of a beautiful bottle of beer, a card to personalize and a caseology discovery guide.

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